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    DEMO Africa is one of the flagship initiatives of LIONS@frica and aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem. DEMO Africa is the place where the most innovative companies from African countries get a platform to launch their products and announce to Africa and the world what they have developed.

    With real startups being created in Africa to develop real-world solutions, worthy of investment and global attention, The U.S. Department of State, in collaboration with Microsoft, DEMO, USAID, and Startup Weekend,  launched the Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA) Partnership. This was In recognition of Africa’s economic emergence.The public-private alliance is aimed at enhancing and deepening the startup and innovation ecosystems of targeted fast- growing African economies.

    We invest in technological innovation because we understand the benefits of a vibrant technology ecosystem to a country. As Africa’s population becomes increasingly educated and affluent, the global business community is looking to capitalize on this increase in human and financial resources. There appears to be a new optimism for future economic prospects for Africa and hence a fresh interest in the technology sector, as highlighted by Intel Capital’s recent move: The potential for growth in the technology value chain is material, given that Africa has about 15% of the world’s population, but only about 2% personal computer users.

    DEMO Africa allows start-ups from all over Africa to meet VCs, investors, tech acquisition specialists, IT buyers and media from across the region and around the globe. The Start-ups are given an opportunity to launch their products to a tech eco-system under the following categories






    Media and Entertainment


    Transport and Logistics


    Finance and Banking

    Water and Sanitation

    Waste Management and Recycling


    In just two years of running, the DEMO African alumni have generated over $8 million  in either investment, business or partnerships from the unique mix of positioning, opportunity (networking, fundraising), training and exposure that our launch pad offers.

    This has been a real motivation and we are proud to participate in pushing technology in Africa to greater heights.


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